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OCYF Allowable Cost Bulletin
December 27, 2010

The Office of Children, Youth and Families (OCYF) has issued Bulletin 3170-10-02, Out Of Home Placement Services – Contract Documentation. The bulletin gives guidelines to county children and youth social service agencies and, where applicable, public and private providers of contracted children and youth social services. The bulletin represents the commonwealth’s fiscal policies relating to reimbursement for out of home placement services and programs.

Specific topics contained in the bulletin are:

  • OCYF policies for financial participation in OCYF-funded programs;
  • OCYF policies regarding the costs of services provided through contracted agencies, including policies regarding the maximum allowable expenditures for state participation;
  • Procedures OCYF is using to review allowable costs for reimbursement for services to children in out of home care;
  • Explanation of the documentation and reports OCYF requests to be included in all out of home placement service contracts using Federal Title IV-E and State Act 148 funding;
  • Documentation requested from public and private providers to support the anticipated direct and indirect costs;
  • Explanation of the requirements for program-funded out of home placement;
  • Services; and
  • Instructions for submissions of pre-contractual audit reports to OCYF.

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