RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


ACT Core Competencies
March 10, 2009

Building upon the January 30, 2006 Department of Public Welfare Special Transmittal (Strategies and Practices to Eliminate Unnecessary Use of Restraint) and draft bulletins addressing Strategies and Practices to Eliminate the Use of Unnecessary Restraints and Prohibition of the Use of Prone Restraint in Residential Children’s Facilities, the Alternatives to Coercive Techniques (ACT) Core Competencies were developed to provide a roadmap for practice in residential and other service settings. The ACT Core Competencies serve as a reference tool outlining fundamental levels of awareness, information, and knowledge needed by leaders and direct care staff.  This document was developed by the Department of Public Welfare Offices of Policy; Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services; Children, Youth and Families; and Developmental Programs; with input from a diverse working group that included PCPA and other provider representatives.

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