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Advocates Survey Educational Services
November 10, 2009

The Education Law Center (ELC) and the Disability Rights Network (DRN) are seeking to learn more about the educational needs of children and youth in Chapter 3800-licensed child residential treatment facilities, group homes, and day treatment (not partial hospital) programs.  Current anecdotal experiences suggest that many children may experience specific educational challenges such as: 

  • Barriers to accessing appropriate public school +-placements,
  • Failure of schools to recognize credits earned in residential placements,
  • Lack of support in accessing special education services, and
  • Need for additional educational services and remedial support.  

ELC and DRN are requesting that staff from child residential and day treatment facilities, county children and youth services, and juvenile probation who place children in these facilities, complete the survey for child welfare professional.  The intent of the survey is to enable ELC and DRN to advocate for critical changes in policies to improve the quality of education for children and youth in these service settings. The survey for professionals working with children and youth is available at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=KqcbRIZS7xe4VwEpPLnNrw_3d_3d.

In addition, ELC and DRN are also seeking to learn more about these issues from the perspective of children and youth who are living in, or have lived in, a residential placement and ask providers to assist in helping youth access the survey so their voices can be heard. The survey for youth is available at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=AXf_2bKaNonwEihSOIz4TISQ_3d_3d.

The surveys are also available on the Education Law Center web site at www.elc-pa.org.


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