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Autism Support Grants
January 2, 2008

The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare Bureau of Autism Services has announced the availability of small project grants up to $3,000. The bureau will award funds to small organizations that support individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families. PCPA members may consider direct applications or collaborations with community groups working with individuals and families. Applications are due by 4:00 p.m. February 8. Awards will be announced on or about February 29. Grant information and an application is attached.

Eligible organizations:

  • Pennsylvania not-for-profit organizations with 501(c)3 certification. If an organization does not have its own 501(c)3 certification, the applying organization must partner with an organization that has such certification. The organization with 501(c)3 certification will act as a fiscal agent or sponsor for the applicant organization.
  • Organizations led by families and/or individuals with ASD and support families and/or individuals with ASD and have at least 15 parents/self-advocates as active participants.
  • Organizations with total income from all sources over the past two years of less than $50,000.

Projects eligible for funds must focus on problem areas or areas where there are clear gaps in services for individuals with ASD and their families, be completed by July 1, and cost no more than $3,000 (or, if the cost exceeds $3,000, the organization has the resources to provide the excess funds and the total project cost does not exceed $5,000).

Projects which may be eligible for funding include but are not limited to those which:

  • Raise community awareness of ASD,
  • Provide information and education to organizations’ participants (e.g. conferences, workshops, trainings),
  • Provide networking opportunities for participants,
  • Support recreation programs for individuals with ASD, and
  • Support group respite programs (e.g. drop-off programs, outside of the home).

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