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BAS Training System Update for BS Licensing
February 27, 2013

The Bureau of Autism Services (BAS) issued Act 62 Behavior Specialist License Training Update, listing the bureau’s training enhancement efforts as of February 21. BAS reports that it is working with the Board of Medicine to clarify acceptable documentation for BAS approved trainings. Simplified instructions will be distributed shortly. In addition, a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation of the online training system is underway and a number of options are being explored to correct the different issues that have surfaced.

BAS reports the current status of these efforts as:

  • All trainings that operate with QuickTime are now working.
  • Increased numbers of users attempting to access the videos at the same time were resulting in frequent system crashes. The online training system has now been updated to account for this increased traffic.
  • The system has been updated to account for the varied bandwidths, browsers, and types of technology (e.g., iPads) that are being used by individuals accessing the trainings.

BAS is working with the Autism Services, Education, Resources and Training Collaboratives to develop multiple one-to-two hour virtual trainings on Crisis Intervention and Specific Skill Deficits.

The BAS update on training to facilitate Behavior Specialist Licensing is available at both http://www.parecovery.org/  (under the Behavior Health Rehabilitation Services tab) and http://bastraining.tiu11.org/.

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