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DPW Releases Partial Hospital-BHRS Bulletin
January 7, 2008

Guidance to Child and Adolescent Partial Hospital Programs
The Department of Public Welfare (DPW) has released the bulletin Guidance for Interagency Planning for Children in Need of Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services or Partial Hospitalization Services During the School Day. The bulletin is to provide guidance to child and adolescent partial hospital programs and Behavioral Health Rehabilitative Service providers regarding the need for collaboration between mental health services and local education agencies. The bulletin reflects efforts by DPW to respond to concerns and recommendations made several years ago by PCPA and others concerned about the lack of collaboration between DPW and the Department of Education. Provider concerns also highlighted the lack of clarity provided to schools regarding their role and responsibility to support efforts to meet the child’s educational needs during treatment. PCPA has been informed that the Department of Education has begun to communicate with all school districts their expectation of more effective collaboration between schools and mental health providers on behalf of the children and youth that they serve.

PDE, DPW Report on Education and Partial Hospital Services
Accompanying the release of this DPW bulletin is a joint white paper from the Departments of Public Welfare and Education – Access to Education in Pennsylvania Partial Hospitalization Programs. This report, also a response to concerns raised by PCPA and others, provides an overview, data, and analysis of child and adolescent partial hospital services. The report reflects the growing collaboration and joint efforts of the two departments that followed from the joint PCPA/Education Law Center report and recommendations provided to the departments several years ago. The white paper highlights critical next steps for both departments in their effort to support the need to jointly address the behavioral health treatment and educational needs of students.

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