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DRN Launches BHRS Impact Survey
November 26, 2012

The Disability Rights Network (DRN) has launched its Survey on Access to Children’s Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services in Pennsylvania. The notice states that DRN is “aware of recent policy and practice changes being implemented by the Department of Public Welfare and Behavioral Health Managed Care Organizations that have resulted in the reduction or denial of children’s access to behavioral health rehabilitation services, particularly Therapeutic Staff Support or TSS.”  DRN is gathering more information about this issue to effectively advocate for needed services.

Providers are asked to encourage any parent/guardian of a child who has had a denial or reduction of prescribed Behavioral Specialist Consultant or Therapeutic Staff Support services to complete DRN’s survey at

Families needing assistance to completing the survey can call Chanel Smith (800-538-8070, x284). DRN of Pennsylvania is the federally-mandated, state-designated protection and advocacy organization charged with protecting and advancing the rights of individuals with disabilities in the commonwealth.  One of its stated priorities is to ensure that children have access to the behavioral and other disability-related services they need to succeed in their homes, schools, and communities.

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