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OMHSAS Reviewing BHRS Charts
January 30, 2003

PCPA has learned that during the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) licensure reviews of outpatient, partial, or family based programs, providers are being asked to submit information on Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS) programs that are linked to these services. Licensing surveyors will review at least 20 client records, along with at least 5 records from other sites at which BHRS may be provided.

OMHSAS staff will be examining records for information on the 60-day standard for access. The licensure staff will also examine the BHRS report form that parents sign to confirm that the number of hours delivered and the reason codes are accurate. Most of these forms are now submitted electronically with a notation that the parent signature is on the original in the file. OMHSAS staff will be confirming that the forms and proper signatures are on file.

In addition to review of records, a form is being used to collect additional information during the licensure visit. The form gathers data on the number of staff providing BHRS services and also has the following two questions related to supervision of BHRS:

  • How does the licensed program entity provide administrative supervision at each site at which Mobile Therapy (MT), Behavior Specialist Consultation (BSC), or Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) Services are provided? (Administrative supervision includes such things as safety and protection of clients and staff, development and implementation of administrative policies and procedures, and ensures that federal and state requirements are met.)
  • How does the licensed program entity provide clinical supervision at each site at which MT, BSC, or TSS services are provided?

For additional information, contact Stan Mrozowski at PCPA.

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