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OMAP Releases Bulletin on BSC and MT
May 1, 2001

On April 26 the Office of Medical Assistance Programs (OMAP) released a bulletin to "reinforce to providers the Department's policy regarding individuals who function as a mobile therapist (MT) and a behavioral specialist consultant (BSC)." Responding to the question of whether MTs and BSCs can be the same person the Department issued this response:

Medical Assistance Bulletin 01-94-01 issued January 11, 1994, describes the function of a BSC, in relation to the MT and the therapeutic staff support on page 10, as:

In some cases of stabilization or on-going treatment of the child, specific expertise in behavioral management protocols is needed that the MT and the therapautic support staff cannot provide. Under such circumstances, and following agreement by the child, family, and mental health professionals on the treatment team, a behavioral specialist consultant can be engaged as part of the treatment team if the service is included in the Treatment Plan. The behavioral specialist typically serves as consultant to, and as requested by, the MT within the treatment team.

The Department closes with this statement:

As written, this clearly precludes the MT and the BSC from being the same individuals for the same child.

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