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Updated Behavior Specialist License FAQ
November 29, 2012

The Department of Public Welfare (DPW) has updated the behavior specialist licensure Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for individuals interested in applying for a Behavior Specialist (BS) professional license. The license application review and approval or denial process is managed by the Department of State’s (DOS) Medical Licensing Board. Questions in the November 11 edition of the FAQ were received by DPW and DOS. DPW has provided this as a draft document that will be updated as appropriate. This document replaces the FAQ issued on August 31.

DPW has also released a “Coursework Areas for Behavior Specialist Licensure Trainings” document prepared by the Bureau of Autism Services (BAS). This document provides descriptions of course work areas (not all-inclusive) that contain a few examples of how each content area is defined by BAS for the purpose of determining whether it will approve a training.

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