Application Opens for Behavioral Specialist License
June 15, 2012

The Pennsylvania Department of State announced that the State Board of Medicine, which will grant behavioral specialist licenses, has approved final regulations outlining education and training needed for this license. These regulations were published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin and individuals may now apply for behavioral specialist licenses.

“This is an important step forward in treating children with autism spectrum disorders,” said Secretary of the Commonwealth Carol Aichele. “Now, families seeking treatment for their children will know they are getting this treatment from professionals specifically trained and licensed in this field. Being treated by a professional specifically licensed for autism spectrum disorders may help families obtain insurance coverage for this treatment,” Aichele noted.

License applicants must have a master’s or higher degree from a board-approved, accredited college or university, including a major course of study in school, clinical, or counseling psychology, special education, social work, speech therapy, occupational therapy, or another related field. They must also have experience involving functional behavior assessments and experience with individuals with behavioral challenges or in a related field with individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Completion of training programs, including autism-specific training, is also required.

Behavioral specialist license applications are available from the link.

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