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Behavior Specialist Licensing Mandate; Gauging the Potential Impact
January 10, 2013

The Department of Public Welfare (DPW) has communicated the requirement that individuals working with children with autism to “design, implement or evaluate a behavior modification plan” who desire to bill either private insurance or Medial Assistance must hold a Behavior Specialist license or other personal professional license that includes these services within the scope of the license. DPW has asked the managed care organizations and PCPA to help gauge the potential impact of this mandate on service capacity and delivery. To assist, PCPA asks providers of Behavior Specialist Consultant (BSC) services to children with autism to provide the following information for each county served by the agency. Please cut and paste these questions and responses into an email and send to Connell O’Brien.

  1. County service area for this report: ________________
  2. Respondent name __________________________ agency_________________
  3. How many BSC total staff is employed or under contact to your agency or organization that are serving children on the autism spectrum?  _____
  4. How many BSC staff currently hold a personal professional license where the scope of license includes the “design, implementation or evaluation of a behavior modification plan” applicable to a child with autism? _____
  5. How many BSC staff have or will apply for a Behavior Specialist license by March? ______
  6. How many BSC staff cannot or do not plan to apply for a license by March and will not be eligible to provide billable BSC autism services? _____
  7. What are the top barriers to the application process reported by BSC staff? ____

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