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BS License Application and Process Revisions
February 27, 2013

The Department of Public Welfare (DPW) and the Department of State and the Board of Medicine (BoM) have issued a joint announcement on the application process for Behavior Specialist licensing. As part of a collaborative effort to be responsive to the challenges shared by individuals applying for a Behavior Specialist license, DPW and BoM met earlier this month to develop an update on several steps that are being taken to facilitate the process of applying for licensure.

Changes in the process include the following:
An updated application with the revised version of the application is to be available on the BoM site this week. This version of the application includes updated instructions, a process flowchart, and revised forms.

  • It is recommended that new applications not be submitted until the updated application is available.
  • If you have already submitted an application, do not submit another one.
  • If you are notified about a discrepancy, you should use the new forms when you submit any items that address a discrepancy.
  • The Board of Medicine will accept any combination of the application and required forms.
  • The most up to date application will be dated 2/26/2013 or later and will replace the version released earlier in February.
  • An application should not be submitted until the applicant has obtained a master’s or post-master’s degree in an approved field or in a related field and have the required Functional Behavior Assessment and clinical experience.

DPW and BoM are planning to hold an interactive web-conference with counties, managed care organizations, and providers to discuss the clarified application process and other considerations specific to the licensure requirement. The web conference is being planned for March. An announcement with specifics about this opportunity will be sent by DPW and BoM and forwarded to PCPA members when details are available.

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