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Advice for Members of the Children’s Behavioral Health Task Force
December 2, 2004

From the desk of Wendy Luckenbill, co-chair of the task force, in reply to a PCPA inquiry:

Here’s some advice about making your membership on the Children’s Behavioral Health Task Force count:

  • Know which committee you are on. If you do not know, contact Sherry Peters (shepeters@state.pa.us) at the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OHMSAS) Children’s Bureau and she will identify the committee assignment you chose or help you join a committee.
  • Once connected to a committee, take responsibility to support the facilitators in getting meetings scheduled and making sure they are productive and documented. Ask the facilitator what you can do to help. Each committee also has OHMSAS staff assigned. Contact them as well and tell them you are willing to help with logistics. This is a lot for facilitators, who may or may not have any committee experience, but few of us are adept at chairing committees of 70+ persons. This will take good teamwork and sheparding.
  • Report problems. If you have not heard from your facilitator or committee for two weeks or more report the problem to OHMSAS. There should be meetings at least once a month and ongoing review of comments and recommendations to build a report.
  • Send related comments done outside the committee work to either co-chair: Wendy Luckenbill (wluck@comcast.net) or Regina Ericson (pincmp@ptd.net). For example, are you aware of a community doing planning that resulted in recommendations about the children’s system of care? The task force is especially interested in processes that had strong family and multi-cultural representation.
  • The goal is to finish reports by March 2005.

PCPA members are encouraged to copy Connell O'Brien on questions, issues, and recommendations brought to the attention of the task force leadership.

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