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DPW Restructures the Children’s Behavioral Health Task Force
January 31, 2005

PCPA received the following information from the Department of Public Welfare (DPW):

Effective immediately, the Children’s Behavioral Health Task Force (CBHTF) process will be changed in the following ways:

1. A "Responder Group," composed of 50+% family members and representing the diversity of Pennsylvania, will be created to advise the co-chairs and to respond to draft reports and independent input received by the task force. If you are interested in this group, please contact Paula Montgomery at c-pmontgom@state.pa.us
2. The web site will be updated regularly and serve as a vehicle for keeping task force members informed.
3. For those subcommittees that do not have active facilitators, new facilitators will be appointed.
4. Co-facilitators will be asked to have their subcommittees develop a list of strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations for their specific topic area by March 1. Subcommittees should begin with the material that was generated at the May 22, 2004 CBHTF meeting.
5. Children’s Bureau staff will be assigned to each of the subcommittees and, along with the co-chairs, assist in translation of the lists into draft narrative reports. The drafts will be circulated to the appropriate subcommittee for review and comment. The Responder Group will get all subcommittee drafts and be asked to comment on each.
6. A revised draft of each of the subcommittee reports will be sent to every member and responder in late March.
7. These second round drafts will be available for review and discussion by the entire CBHTF.
8. The co-chairs, co-facilitators, Responder Group, and Children’s Bureau will develop the final draft for public review by late spring.

PCPA will maintain contact with leadership of the Children’s Behavioral Health Task Force and keep members informed about the impact of these changes and opportunities to contribute to the work.

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