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Updates on CPSL Implementation
August 25, 2014

At a recent meeting of the state’s Child Protective Service Law (CPSL) Implementation Team the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) reviewed plans for its CPSL public awareness and media campaign and preliminary plans for required CPSL training.

Public Awareness and Media Campaign: DPW has begun work on procuring communications and media support to design and launch a statewide child abuse reporting awareness campaign. While still in the early stages of development, the state’s goal is to “brand” a campaign that uses television, radio, and social media outlets to inform the general public about the importance of child abuse reporting, who are mandated reporters, and where to find available training and resources. DPW will also establish a dedicated web site to facilitate reporting of suspected child abuse, training information for mandated reporters, and other informational resources and links. The goal is to launch this campaign and the web site in early 2015.

Training for Mandated Reporters: Act 31 requires that individuals who hold a professional license and the staff and operators of organizations licensed by DPW complete three hours of initial CPSL training and two hours of subsequent training to obtain and maintain licensure. DPW has engaged the University of Pittsburgh Child Welfare Resource Center to design, test, and implement an online initial training module to facilitate compliance with the Act 31 requirement. The goal is to have this approved CPSL training available for use by mid-November. It is anticipated that several professional and educational organizations will also develop and offer Act 31-related training. In some cases the training will be developed by organizations that have provided CPSL training under agreements with DPW. DPW has drafted curriculum elements, course content, and course submission and approval process documents for implementation team review. To comply with Act 31 a training curriculum, materials, and protocols must be reviewed and approved by the department. Following launch of the initial training phase, DPW will work with the implementation team and others to facilitate the content, design, development, and approval process for interactive group training and relevant ongoing or advanced training that would meet continuing education requirements.

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