RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


Children’s Domain Goals for 08/09
August 8, 2008

Every year the Children’s Steering Committee prepares goals to guide the work of the PCPA children’s service initiatives, work groups, and other policy and planning action. The following goals have been established for 2008/09:

1. Use all state initiatives as catalysts or opportunities for child serving system improvement.

2. Support and promote school based mental health collaborations.

3. Promote effective operational, administrative, and business skill and practices in the HealthChoices, private payer, and child welfare purchase of service and operational contexts.

4. Promote promising child, adolescent, and family treatment and service practices that provide outcome data, evidence of efficacy, and reflect a vision of recovery and resiliency.

5. Promote service design and delivery for target populations (e.g. transition age, young children, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, forensic, autism, co-occurring, etc.).

6. Promote youth and family participation in service planning and quality assurance activity consistent with recovery-resiliency, CASSP, and System of Care values.

7. Promote labor pool development and maintenance in child behavioral health, developmental disability, and child welfare services.

8. Promote efforts to address disparities between service quality, administrative mandates, and service purchase arrangements.

9. Promote current PCPA board priorities through the work of the Children’s Domain (i.e. committees, work groups, operational action plans, and strategies).

The Children’s Steering Committee is encouraging members of the Children’s Committee and related work groups to share these goals with leaders and service staff in your organization. The domain goals have been included in the PCPA Children’s Domain presentation. The steering committee and policy staff maintains and updates a listing of strategies, action plans, and status for each of the domain goals. A copy of this tracking and reporting document is available from Connell O’Brien.

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