RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


Children’s Mental Health Regulations and Bulletins to Be Revised
September 1, 2005

Revision of Chapter 3800 Regulations
The Office of Children, Youth and Families has begun the planning process for the review and revision of the Chapter 3800 regulations governing residential services and residential treatment programs. These regulations also govern (child welfare and juvenile justice) day treatment programs. PCPA will form a task force to guide the association’s recommendations and comments to the Department of Public Welfare. All PCPA members providing residential and day treatment services licensed under Chapter 3800 regulations are encouraged to identify areas where the regulations should be revised or clarified. PCPA will convene a meeting of the residential treatment facility work group in October. Member input for the review and revision of the regulations can be sent at any time to Connell O’Brien.

Revision of BHRS Service Description Bulletin
The Office of Medical Assistance Programs (OMAP) is now drafting a bulletin that will clarify the required content for the submission of service descriptions for Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS). This bulletin will inform providers of the specific program and budget information needed for consideration by the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and OMAP. Building on the bulletin issued September 8, 1995 (OMAP Bulletin # 1153-95-01), the department looks to provide clarity and specificity for the Service Description Format document contained in Attachment #7 of that bulletin. The current draft bulletin also provides time frames and guidance for developing and reporting costs for consideration in the program exception rate setting process. For more information contact Connell O’Brien.

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