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DPW Initiates County Level Integrated Children’s Services Planning
April 14, 2004

Secretary of Public Welfare, Estelle Richman Charges Counties with Leading a Comprehensive Children’s Services Planning Effort
Secretary Richman has sent letters to the Mental Health/Mental Retardation Administrators, Children and Youth Administrators, Chief Juvenile Probation Officer, and Human Services Director in each county. These letters alert the child services system leadership of the Department of Public Welfare’s (DPW) desire and intention to have a more integrated and effective system of children’s services. DPW outlines a preliminary process and time frames for counties to develop and submit their integrated children’s services plans for fiscal year 2005-06. The Secretary of Public Welfare is striving to improve the quality, integration, and economic efficiency of children’s services through this comprehensive planning process.

PCPA Encourages Member Participation in the County Planning Process
While Secretary Richman does not explicitly define the process in her letter to leaders in county government, PCPA members should expect every county to involve all stakeholders in this community service planning process. Nearly all county planning actually calls for community input as a matter of statute and established practice. PCPA is strongly encouraging its members, the community providers, to actively support and participate in the planning process. Begin now to let the leadership in your county know that that you stand willing to participate in this important initiative.

PCPA Wants to Hear From YOU as a Provider or Family Representative
It is too soon to expect counties to have formulated a planning process and to have formed planning groups, but that should happen soon. Providers should contact Connell O’Brien at PCPA (717-657-7078) to let the Association know that your agency has been included by the county in the comprehensive children’s services planning process.

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