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Department of Welfare to Form Children’s Behavioral Health Taskforce
March 22, 2004

Initial Announcement
On March 10 the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) web site posted the notification that DPW is establishing the Children’s Behavioral Health Taskforce for developing recommendations that will improve the delivery, management, and financing of children’s behavioral health services to the residents of Pennsylvania.

Membership and Participation
The Taskforce is to be comprised of families, advocates, providers, healthcare professionals, educators, government officials, and other people intricately involved with the current service delivery system. The Taskforce will be open and inclusive, with at least 50 percent of the Taskforce being comprised of family representatives. Secretary Estelle Richman will serve as the Executive Chair Person of the Taskforce.

PCPA is strongly encouraging its members to step forward in this extraordinarily important process and participate in the Taskforce and Taskforce Committees. PCPA members can bring exceptional professional, clinical, cross-system design, regional, and community insight and operational expertise to the work of the Taskforce. Your interest and willingness to participate can be communicated through PCPA by contacting Connell O’Brien at PCPA via email or telephone (717-675-7078).

Time Frame for the Work of the Taskforce
DPW will host a “kick-off meeting” this spring to bring together anyone who has applied to be, or has interest in being, part of the Children’s Behavioral Taskforce. The current plan is to convene the initial full day meeting in the Harrisburg area in late May. This meeting will involve a review and exploration of the responsibilities of the Taskforce coupled with an afternoon brainstorming session.

Additional information will be communicated to PCPA Members as it becomes available.

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