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OMR Early Intervention Rate Policy Work Group Now Forming
October 12, 2004

An invitation to submit names for representation on an Office of Mental Retardation (OMR) work group for early intervention rate setting policies and procedures

Background: In June OMR issued a report on early intervention rates, Study Regarding the Development of Revised Early Intervention Rates. The primary purpose of this study was to determine current appropriate rates for the various disciplines/services encompassed in the State Established Maximum Fee Schedule for State and County Funded Early Intervention Services.

The study results disclosed significant barriers to developing accurate rate information in the following areas:

1. Inconsistencies in the handling of specific items of cost.
2. Lack of verifiable information relative to the "true" cost of providing a unit of service.

As a next step, OMR formed an internal work group to review the study for policy considerations. As a result of the internal review, it was determined that a wider group of interested persons are required to assist to help understand the current situation and make recommendations for improvements.

Purpose: OMR is establishing a work group to make recommendations to the deputy secretary. The work group is charged with recommending policy and procedures to ensure that early intervention rates and travel reimbursement are applied consistently across Pennsylvania.

Locations for meetings: Harrisburg area

Frequency of the meetings: To be determined based on a work plan which will be presented in draft at the first meeting, beginning November/December, 2004.

Composition of the Work Group:

  • Four county representatives (two fiscal and two program staff)
  • Four provider representatives (two fiscal and two program staff)
  • Departmental representatives (OMR fiscal and program staff, central and regional offices and Bureau of Financial Operations)
  • State Interagency Coordinating Council representatives: (two representatives; preference will be given to family members)
  • Dan Bradley of the accounting firm of Young, Oakes, Brown and Company, PC will serve as a consultant.

If you would like to be a representative or to make a recommendation for a representative, please contact Jackie Epstein (jepstein@state.pa.us or 717-783-8302) by October 29.

Please provide the following information for each recommended representative:

E-mail address
Recommended by

So that there is a balanced work group with a range of expertise, please indicate the area of expertise that most applies:

Fiscal __
Family member __
SICC member __

In the event there are more volunteers than the representative numbers described above, selections will be based on representation that promotes commonwealth-wide characteristics and demographics as well as areas of expertise.

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