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Academy of Pediatrics Seeks Early Childhood Centers
August 27, 2013

The Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (PA AAP) has announced that it has been approved to implement the federally-funded project Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems: Building Health Through Integration. The three-year project runs through July 2016. RCPA has been asked to publicize the recruitment of early care and education centers, evaluators, and child care health consultants as participants in this initiative.

This opportunity is open to all STARS 2 and 3 ranked programs with a desire to meet national health and safety standards of performance in eight areas of the infant and toddler program: 

  • child abuse and neglect identification and prevention,
  • personal caregiver-child interactions,
  • physical activity,
  • safe infant sleep practices,
  • sanitation and hand hygiene,
  • immunization,
  • care for children with special health care needs, and
  • medication administration in child care.

PA-AAP will randomly assign participating centers to either an immediately-linked or a delayed-linked group. The immediately-linked centers will begin work with a child care health consultant (CCHC) for one year after a project evaluator completes a pre-intervention assessment. The delayed-linked group will be linked within one year after the pre-intervention assessment. The first step in the intervention is the preparation of an action plan by the center director and the CCHC. Participating CCHCs will receive an honorarium from grant funds combined with a small co-pay contribution from participating centers during the project year. Project leadership will be recruiting and mentoring interested CCHCs from those who have worked successfully with centers in the past and other health professionals recommended by participating center directors and other health professionals who indicate an interest participating in this project. All interested centers and CCHCs should contact Rosemary Johnston (rjohnston@paaap.org or 484-446-3003) or Libby Ungvary (lungvary@paaap.org or 484-446-3077).

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