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New Information Resource for the Integrated Children’s Service Initiative
July 27, 2005

Department of Public Welfare Provides Needed Structure and Guidance
During the past few months the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) has begun to provide the essential conceptual and operational guidance to providers and counties realigning child welfare and juvenile justice treatment services. Originally referred to as Medicaid (MA) realignment or service flipping, the Integrated Children’s Service Initiative (ICSI) is designed to better integrate service planning and delivery of behavioral health services to children and youth in the care of the county. In addition to better integrated services, this initiative seeks to make optimal use of the Medicaid funding stream for treatment services to this population.

Web-based Information and Resources
To improve information and linkage with all of the stakeholders for this initiative, including community providers, DPW has launched a web site with a range of information for agencies involved in the Integrated Children’s Service Initiative. Community providers can now log onto www.dpw.state.pa.us, click on "Services for Children" then "Integrated Children’s Service Initiative" for a growing list of policy and planning information resources.

Responses to Frequently Asked Questions
The newest addition to this web site is the ICSI Frequently Asked Questions document. The document is also available from the link. The answers are in response to the many questions posed by PCPA on behalf of its members and provide the department’s guiding principles, time frames, regulations, and policy clarifications related to this initiative.

Future Additions to the DPW Web Site
The department has developed a formal ICSI presentation document and a listing of providers that have been approved for the delivery of ICSI services either as newly enrolled MA providers or existing MA providers with newly approved ICSI service descriptions. Both of these documents will be added to the web site in early August and should be updated regularly.

For more information or questions contact Connell O'Brien, policy specialist.

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