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ICSI Focused on Performance Data
December Conference Call Highlights

December 5, 2005

In an ongoing effort to improve planning, coordination, and collaboration for the Integrated Children’s Service Initiative (ICSI), the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) leadership is conducting monthly conference calls with counties and providers. These calls supplement the work of the ICSI advisory group and the department’s regional offices.

Highlights from the December 2 call included the following reports and updates from state officials.

  • Working in collaboration with the department’s PeopleStat data initiative, a task group will be developed to design and pilot a data collection effort measuring the impact of the ICSI. The current plan would call for the data system to include a limited number of measures. The data project will be piloted with a few counties that volunteer to participate. Data would focus on the volume of behavioral health services, access to behavioral health services, and the impact on child placement and permanency.
  • The Office of Medical Assistance Programs (OMAP) deputy secretary reported that there are no initiatives planned or under consideration to “circle back” and focus fraud and abuse monitoring on ICSI programs or services.
  • OMAP announced the departure of Yvonne Hess and the recruitment and assignment of staff to handle behavioral health rate setting activities and provider inquiries.
  • Deputy Secretary Joan Erney, Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, reported that new HealthChoices rate packages were sent to counties December 2. The rate changes reflect both certified county data sent to DPW and uncertified projections of the ICSI anticipated impact in counties.

A complete summary of the conference call will be posted on the DPW web site and can be found in the integrated children’s services initiative section of the Services for Children page.

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