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DPW Updates ICSI Provider Listing
January Conference Call Highlights

January 16, 2006

In an ongoing effort to improve planning, coordination, and collaboration for the Integrated Children’s Service Initiative (ICSI), the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) leadership is conducting monthly conference calls with counties and providers. These calls supplement the work of the ICSI advisory group and the department’s regional offices.

Highlights from the January 6 call included the following reports and updates from state officials.

  • The fiscal year 2005/06 ICSI enrollment list on the DPW web site has been updated. Members are urged to check the site if they have submitted a program for review and approval.
  • Staff from the DPW PeopleStat program are continuing to develop data parameters to measure ICSI impact and outcomes. PeopleStat will be forming a work group to assist in this effort in the coming months.
  • The Office of Medical Assistance Programs (OMAP) announced that Elizabeth Campbell will be conducting ICSI program description reviews for compliance and rate setting on behalf of OMAP.
  • The lead contact person for OMAP in the implementation of ICSI programs is Thomas Artz. As a result of recent office moves Mr. Artz’s current phone number is 717-214-8236.
  • Providers wishing to track the progress of program descriptions through the review and approval process are encouraged to contact Richard Gold, the DPW consultant facilitating the initiative.
  • DPW continues to hold weekly meetings with all of their offices and their consultant to track and facilitate ICSI program enrollment and issue resolution.

A complete summary of the conference call will be posted on the DPW web site and can be found in the integrated children’s services initiative section of the Services for Children page.

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