RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


The International Pediatric Rehabilitation Collaborative
March 10, 2014

The International Pediatric Rehabilitation Collaborative (IPRC) mission is to promote quality pediatric rehabilitation care through the support and guidance of pediatric providers and organizations that are committed to best practices in pediatric rehabilitation. RCPA is a sponsoring organization of IPRC.

IPRC Vision Children who require rehabilitation services will achieve their maximum functional potential and participation in the community through evidence-based, patient- and family-centered care.

IPRC Strategic Priorities

  • Share best practices and promote evidence-based pediatric rehabilitation treatment through education and networking.
  • Integrate continuous performance improvement into pediatric rehabilitation practice.
  • Advocate for measuring and improving outcomes for children with rehabilitative needs.
  • Advance the science of pediatric rehabilitation care via collaborative research and application of research to practice.


  • Select educational programs for webinars.
  • Plan and coordinate on site conferences.
  • Create links between IPRC and other relevant professional groups to optimize pediatric rehabilitation care.
  • Inform members about IPRC developments.
  • Educate future clinicians on pediatric rehabilitation and link with universities.

Best Practices & Clinical Innovation

  • Facilitate compilation and sharing of best practices.
  • Identify and share strategies that support the transformation of care to include best practices and innovation.
  • Support member efforts to incorporate innovation into care on a daily basis.

Outcomes and Research Advancement

  • Facilitate the creation and use of outcome measures to further advance pediatric rehabilitation.
  • Refine outcome tools in terms of reliability and validity in collaboration with appropriate parties.
  • Discover and support opportunities for all research including clinical, epidemiological, translational research, and/or other  areas to drive publication and advancement of the field. 

IPRC and RCPA will explore and promote collaborative training and practice between facility-based pediatric rehabilitation programs; occupational, physical, and speech therapists; and the clinical and rehabilitation professionals working in behavioral health, autism, brain injury, and other fields. For more information contact Connell O'Brien at RCPA or Bonnie Breit at IPRC.

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