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IRRC Comments on RTF Regulations
December 22, 2010

The Independent Regulatory Review Commission (IRRC) has published its comments following the review of the proposed Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) regulations. The IRRC comments can be reviewed at:

The comments of the IRRC are sent to the Department of Public Welfare and responsible committees in the General Assembly, as well as being posted for public review. The proposed regulations were published in the October 23 Pennsylvania Bulletin.

The General Assembly established the IRRC to provide uniform oversight of the rulemaking process in Pennsylvania and to act as a consensus builder among the legislative standing committees, the agency, and interested parties. IRRC is charged with reviewing all regulations that commonwealth agencies propose for promulgation. The IRRC accomplishes this goal typically through a two-stage review process. First, the IRRC reviews and comments on an agency’s proposed regulation and any accompanying comments from the public and the General Assembly. Second, the IRRC reviews and takes action on the final version of the regulation before it is published as a final rule. The IRRC also acts as a clearinghouse for complaints, comments, and other input from the General Assembly and the public regarding proposed and final regulations.

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