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DPW Releases Bulletin for Integrated Children’s Service Planning
June 14, 2005

On June 10 the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) released a bulletin addressing the Pennsylvania Integrated Children’s Service Initiative. More commonly referred to as "MA Realignment," the bulletin outlines the procedures the department has put in place to transition some child welfare/juvenile justice services to the Medical Assistance program. According to the bulletin, the governor’s proposed budget for 2005/06 provides for four percent ($77 million) of the proposed $1.8 billion child welfare/juvenile justice budget to be transitioned. Services are those that have a "qualified treatment component."

As part of the transition, the department has indicated that they will assist counties in identifying providers eligible to be enrolled in the Medical Assistance program in both managed care and fee-for-service delivery systems. As noted in the bulletin, "Expansion of the Medical Assistance network to include qualified providers with which counties currently contract ensures that providers who are familiar with the complex needs of children served by the child welfare/juvenile justice systems remain available, while being reimbursed through the appropriate funding mechanism."

PCPA is working closely with department leadership to finalize plans for a comprehensive training seminar related to integrated children’s services in early August. Training will take place in both the east and west regions of the commonwealth. Training dates, locations, and additional details will be available in coming weeks.

A copy of the department bulletin (DPW #00-05-05: Integrated Children’s Service Initiative) is available from the link below. Questions about the initiative and planned training may be directed to Connell O’Brien or Kris Ericson at the association.

ICSI Bulletin DPW Bulletin #00-05-05 Integrated Children's Service Initiative

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