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Juvenile Law Center Analyzes Age of Consent Law
December 21, 2004

The staff of the Juvenile Law Center has completed their review and analysis of Act 147, the new Age of Consent Law. This overview of the impact of the law, what has changed, and what has remained the same is available on their web site at www.jlc.org/home/mentalhealth/legislative_update.htm.

The analysis by the Juvenile Law Center is an excellent resource for information related to client and parental consent to treatment and release of records.

PCPA is working with the Juvenile Law Center, the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, and several professional organizations to provide information and guidance to providers as they take the necessary action to comply with this new law. A review and discussion of Act 147 will be a key part of the Children’s Committee meeting on January 18, 2005.

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