RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


Key Issues for the Children’s Committee
June 20, 2011

At the June 14 Mental Health Committee meeting several issues were discussed that are also of importance to members of the Children’s Committee. The following items are being communicated for your attention and action:

Problematic Regulations
Acting Secretary Gary Alexander, Department of Public Welfare (DPW), has expressed interest in regulatory change, particularly to regulations that add cost, but not value. PCPA developed a list of problematic regulations in 2004 that was provided to committee members with the meeting notice. Some suggestions remain relevant and some have been resolved.

Members are being asked to identify regulations that are problematic, particularly ones that add cost but do not provide any benefit. Most regulations related to mental health are very old and practice has changed drastically since they were written. Members are requested to identify problem policies using the regulation number and citations that are recommended for change. Submit problem regulations and policies to Betty Simmonds by June 24. Include contact information for follow-up if needed to clarify issues. PCPA's goal is to submit a list of problem regulations for mental health, substance use, children's services, and intellectual disabilities to DPW by July 1.

Audit and Compliance
 With the growing federal and state focus on cost reductions through audits, disallowance, and revenue recovery the following resources should be of interest and use to providers. 

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