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Infant, Toddler, and Pre-kindergarten Learning Standards for Early Childhood Released
July 2, 2014

The Office of Child Development and Early Learning has released learning standards for infant-toddler and pre-kindergarten children and programs. Pennsylvania’s Learning Standards for Early Childhood were originally developed as a joint project of the Departments of Education (PDE) and Public Welfare. Each set of standards has been formulated with help and guidance from practitioners and program specialists representing early childhood programs, school districts, higher education, family leaders, policy analysts, and researchers. Learning Standards for Early Childhood are used to:

  • Inform professionals about curriculum and assessment,
  • Guide the selection of instructional materials and the design of interactions/goal setting, and
  • Inform families of appropriate expectations for children.

In addition to “Key Learning Areas” the standards also focus on social and emotional development in the areas of Self-Awareness and Self-Management, Establishing and Maintaining Relationships, and Decision Making and Responsible Behavior. The standards also include an important section on Partnerships for Learning: Families, Learning Environments and Communities. The learning standards for Early Childhood are available from the PA Key  and PDE web sites.

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