RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


Making Children’s Behavioral Health Work
March 23, 2011

At the March Children’s Committee meeting several very important trends and topics were discussed by members, including:

  • Regulations or managed care system requirements that raise operational costs while contributing little or nothing to the effective and appropriate delivery of care and treatment to consumers;
  • Significant regional reductions in the utilization of key continuum of care services that are resulting in a negative impact on consumers, families, and providers; and
  • Inadequate fiscal support for evidence-based and promising practices or frequent disparity between client referrals and the population that the service was designed to treat.
PCPA Needs Stories, Details, Data, and Suggestions
PCPA is gathering specific information from child and adolescent community providers from every region of the state. Tell the association about:
  • Non-productive state regulations that increase cost with no appreciable return on quality or access to care.
  • Non-productive behavioral health managed care requirements and practices that increase cost with no appreciable return on quality or access to care.
  • Evidence-based practices in jeopardy because of a rate-cost disparity.
  • Evidence-based practices not producing desired outcomes because of disparities between the model and referrals.
  • Problems with accessing essential and medically-appropriate levels of care because of regional reductions in certain services.
  • Problems with sustaining essential and medically-appropriate continuum of care services and programs because of reductions in referrals, utilization, and related funding.

PCPA understands that the Corbett administration is committed to reducing requirements, regulations, and practices that result in non-productive costs to the system or impede access and delivery of quality care. Member information and input will allow PCPA to offer recommendations for system change and return on investment. Send stories, data, other information, and system improvement recommendations to Connell O' Brien.

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