RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


Mandated Reporter Training Survey
January 4, 2011

Pennsylvania law mandates that persons who in the course of their professional work come into contact with children report any suspected child abuse to the child welfare system. Mandated reporters continue to be the most frequent reporters of suspected abuse. The Protect Our Children Committee (POCC), in partnership with the Offices of Children, Youth and Families and Child Development and Early Learning, has developed a series of training and system impact surveys. As a member organization of POCC, PCPA is inviting its members to participate in these surveys.

Please feel free to share these surveys with other persons/organizations you think will provide useful information about mandated reporter training in the commonwealth. Please complete/or facilitate the completion of the survey no later than January 24. Questions may be directed to Cathleen Palm, POCC (610-488-5059).

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