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Chapter 3800 Med Administration Training Requirement Delayed
August 2, 2000

Secretary Feather Houstoun, PA Department of Public Welfare has announced, in the July 29 issue of the Pennsylvania Bulletin, the delay of implementation for new Medication Administration Training requirements in the Chapter 3800 regulations until July 1, 2001. Providers who are governed by the Chapter 3800 regulations should note that Sections 3800.187 and 3800.188 are the regulations affected by this delay.

Secretary Houstoun noted that the delay was necessary to give training providers sufficient opportunities to develop a program that will fully comply with the Statement of Policy Specified in Bulletin 3800-99-01, issued December 31, 1999. The extension also provides time for training providers to effectively implement the approved Medications Administration Training program.

All other aspects of Chapter 3800 remain the same.

Tom Woods, Office of Licensing and Regulatory Management, has indicated that providers will not be cited during licensing visits for not being in compliance with Sections 3800.187 and 3800.188 until July 1, 2001. He further indicated that providers should continue whatever Medication Administration Program they have had in place until the new regulations take effect.

Questions can be directed to Kris Ericson at the Association.

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