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OCYF to Begin Cost Report Training
March 17, 2009

The Office of Children, Youth and Families (OCYF) will move forward with training for providers on how to complete budget forms while awaiting finalization of the bulletin for contract documentation and review process for out-of-home services and programs for FY 2009/10,.  OCYF will schedule regional training sessions for providers beginning March 31.  Notice of time and place will be made available by OCYF in the near future.  In addition to providers, OCYF will invite counties to attend these sessions. The office will also schedule regional trainings for counties on how to review and analyze budget documents and will invite providers to those sessions. It is expected that this cross training opportunity will reduce confusion and conflicts in the cost determination process.

OCYF has indicated that they will review all comments related to the budget forms and make whatever changes are possible and permitted by federal regulation. They will then issue a final bulletin solely dealing with the completion of budget forms.  The final bulletin will not include consideration about how OCYF will evaluate the budget documentation or determine maximum amount of federal and state financial participation; those decisions will come later. 

OCYF is continuing regional meetings on the draft bulletin for contract documentation and review processes.  The deadline for submitting written comments was extended to March 23.  Providers are encouraged to attend meetings and send written comments with agency concerns and questions regarding the draft bulletin and budget forms and process.

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