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OCYF Changes in FBI Record Notification
September 27, 2010

Record Review Charges Reduced
The Office of Children, Youth and Families has announced that as a result of the newly executed contract with Cogent Systems, the price for an FBI record check has been reduced from $36 to $33.  This price decrease was effective September 14.  Applicants that registered for an FBI record checks prior to September 14, but that were fingerprinted after that date will not receive a $3 credit or refund.  Applicants that registered for an FBI record check prior to September 14, but have yet to be fingerprinted may cancel their $36 registration and re-register at the new $33 rate.  For those applicants who are unable to be fingerprinted at a Livescan location in Pennsylvania, but have approval from the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) to use the paper fingerprint card submission process, the cost remains $40.    

Change in Notification Process
DPW is no longer permitted to send letters that state whether or not the employee has a criminal history that may or may not prohibit employment.  This change is the result of a recent FBI notification that restricts DPW from confirming or denying the existence of a federal criminal history record.  DPW has created a letter to send to providers in place of the previous results letters.  This letter will provide confirmation that an employee has completed the process of obtaining a FBI record check. The agency must follow-up with the employee regarding their results, including a request to see the employee’s report letter and federal criminal history record if one exists.  The employee will continue to receive a results letter and a copy of their federal criminal history record, if applicable, from DPW. The change in the letter will begin on November 1.         
Questions should be directed to Mr. Bryle Zickler (717-705-5420 or bzickler@state.pa.us).         

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