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Participate in Pennsylvania’s FASD Awareness Activities
June 13, 2006

From September 9 – 15 Pennsylvania and the nation will take action to promote fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) awareness within each community. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is the most prevalent birth defect in the nation and is 100 percent preventable. Current estimates are that one child in 100 is affected by FASD, as compared to autism with a prevalence rate of one in 166 children. FASD is a leading cause of mental health and substance abuse problems, learning disabilities, school and work failure, and severe social development problems.

PCPA members and affiliated organizations have the opportunity to stem this epidemic by promoting community information and awareness. The Pennsylvania Department of Health, with the support of PCPA, is asking organizations and agencies across Pennsylvania to conduct an FASD awareness campaign. Attached is a letter from the Department of Health Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs that provides more information about FASD awareness activities. Also attached are online resources that will allow organizations to provide free information to clients and family members. PCPA urges members to lead and participate in FASD awareness activities in their community. For more information about FASD awareness in Pennsylvania, contact Lisa Greason at lgreason@state.pa.us or by phone at 717-783-8200.

For additional information or questions, contact Connell O'Brien.

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