RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


PCPA and Advocates Seek PBS Expansion
June 16, 2008

PCPA, in collaboration with the Education Law Center of Pennsylvania, Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania, Public Citizens for Children and Youth and the Mental Health Association in Pennsylvania, have asked Secretary of Education Dr. Gerald L. Zahorchak to provide support for the expansion of Positive Behavior Support (PBS) programs. This coalition of PCPA and leading advocacy groups is urging that PBS be expanded to an additional 100 schools each year starting in the 2008/09 school year. PBS is an evidence-based strategy that offers an effective framework for school-community mental health partnerships. A copy of the letter to Dr. Zahorchak was also sent to leadership of the Departments of Education and Public Welfare, and notes that “In a variety of ways, the Departments of Education and Public Welfare have recognized the importance of, and made commitments to expand, Positive Behavior Support programs. Many states and school districts outside Pennsylvania have shown that, if implemented with fidelity, PBS can prevent or identify early students’ behavioral health issues; enhance students’ resiliency; and improve students’ school performance.”

The letter was accompanied by a copy of School-Wide Positive Behavior Support: A Plan for Pennsylvania. This document was prepared by the Education Law Center and the Disability Rights Network in collaboration with PCPA.

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