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DiGirolamo PH 95 Resolution Needs Co-sponsors!
September 28, 2012

PCPA continues to work with a wide range of stakeholders who are extremely concerned about the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) plan to implement a co-pay for services needed by children with disabilities whose family income is greater than 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. PCPA and other stakeholders support the need for families who can afford to do so paying their fair share. The concerns surround the methodology being used by DPW to implement the co-pay.

The department’s proposal could result in chaos for parents and administrative burden for providers. These concerns have been shared with a number of legislators, in particular Representative Gene DiGirolamo, chairman of the House Human Services Committee. Rep. DiGirolamo has written a letter stating the concerns and is circulating a co-sponsorship memo announcing his intent to introduce a resolution that calls for the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to conduct a study of the proposal to determine its impact on the families and to determine whether there are better strategies to ensure an orderly and effective co-pay process.

The resolution currently has 44 co-sponsors, but needs more! The Democrats who have signed on include Representatives Boyle, Brownlee, Burns, Caltagirone, Cohen, D. Costa, P, Costa, T. Davis, Delissio, DePasquale, Dermody, Frankel, Galloway, George, Gerber, Gibbons, Hanna, Harhai, Harkins, James, Kotik, Mann, Markosek, Matzie, Murphy, Neuman, Parker, Ravenstahl, Sainato, Ken Smith, Sturla, Vitali, and Youngblood. The Republicans who have signed on include Representatives Brown, Ellis, Godshall, Harhart, Helm, Hess, O’Neill, Ross, Scavello, Schlegel, and Watson.

PCPA members are urged to get in touch with legislators TODAY to ask them to co-sponsor Rep. DiGirolamo’s resolution.

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