RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


Child and Adolescent Partial Hospital Model Practice and Parent Survey
October 21, 2004

PCPA has been working with the Education Law Center, family advocates, the Department of Public Welfare, and the Department of Education to assess and improve education services available to children and adolescents in partial hospital programs. As this process moves forward, PCPA has been asked to work with its members to gather additional information and to identify model programs.

Model Partial Hospital – Education Services
The Departments of Public Welfare and Education have asked PCPA to survey its members in an effort to identify programs around Pennsylvania that represent good examples of integrated and coordinated delivery of treatment and education services within partial hospital programs. If a PCPA member agency is currently operating a child-adolescent partial hospital and providing effective educational services to children directly or through a collaborative arrangement with a school district or intermediate unit, the Departments of Public Welfare and Education would like to learn more about how this model was developed. If members see a program as a model of treatment with integrated education, capacity please contact Connell O'Brien at PCPA (717-657-7078 or connell@paproviders.org).

Parent Opinion Survey by Parents for Parents
In an effort to better understand and improve education service capacity in partial hospital programs, a parent work group has developed a parent opinion survey of families who have children in treatment in partial hospital programs. The work group and the Children’s Project of Pennsylvania Protection and Advocacy (PP&A) have asked PCPA to invite its members to make this survey available to parents in their programs. The survey and the information collection process will be reviewed and discussed at the PCPA Children’s Committee Meeting on Tuesday, November 16, and the survey will be made available to agencies at that time. If member agencies are not able to attend the meeting, but is interested enabling parents participating in the survey, please contact Connell O'Brien at PCPA.

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