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Provider Guidance on Mental Health Age of Consent
January 27, 2005

The Pennsylvania Psychiatric Society (PPS) commissioned a review and analysis of Act 147. PPS is allowing PCPA to share this information with members.

The PPS summary is intended to explain many of the basic rules under Act 147 of 2004 (mental health age of consent). PPS believes the information is accurate, but many questions cannot be answered until they arise in practice. As well, not all of the answers can be given with certainty. Courts may construe the provisions of the act over the next several years, providing answers to questions raised. The Pennsylvania Psychiatric Society notes that this material is not intended to provide legal advice to members and/or readers in any particular situation that may be encountered. These materials were developed for PPS by Robert Hoffman of the Harrisburg Office, Wolf Block Schorr and Solis-Cohen, LLP, with the assistance of PPS Executive Director Gwen Lehman.

The complete text of the PPS review and analysis of Act 147 is available to members.

PCPA is actively identifying questions and issues related to effects of Act 147. Questions and issues can be forwarded to Connell O’Brien The association is planning a comprehensive one-day training on Act 147 and related laws and regulations for Spring 2005.

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