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PRTF White Paper Released
Apirl 22, 2008

The Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) released the white paper Community Alternatives to Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility Services for review and discussion by the OMHSAS Children’s Advisory Committee on May 1. The document tracks the recent explosion in growth of psychiatric residential treatment facility (PRTF) services and lays ground work for the reduction in use of these services and expansion of community-based alternatives. Data included in the paper provides a useful picture of county and regional utilization of PRTF. Document limitations are that the research references are often rather dated and selected to support the OMHSAS goal of PRTF service reduction. Experts interviewed generally did not include mental health professionals, service providers, or managed care organizations more directly involved in service delivery, outcomes, or community-based service resources. Despite the document’s limitations, many of the white paper’s recommendations do merit discussion and consideration. The full text of the document can be found from the link above.

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