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PCPA and ELC Address Partial Hospital Concerns
August 27, 2003

In 1998 PCPA and the Education Law Center (ELC) joined together to explore how educational services were provided to children/adolescents involved in partial hospital and day treatment programs. PCPA initiated a survey to member agencies that provided those services to obtain feedback. Following a very positive response by members, the Association and ELC drafted a memorandum of presenting issues for the Governor’s Policy Office of the Ridge Administration. Unfortunately, the concerns brought to the forefront during that process were not addressed by the previous administration.

As you know, Pennsylvania has a new state administration and new, responsive personalities in key roles in the Departments of Education and Public Welfare. PCPA has again been approached by ELC to try and address the issue of educational services within partial hospital and day treatment programs with new state leaders. The announcement by the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services of the re-creation of the Children’s Bureau makes this an opportune time to get all issues of concern related to children’s services on the new “agenda.”

When reviewing the information from 1998, it was decided that the original survey should be slightly modified and new data collected. With the advent of HealthChoices in an additional two zones since the first survey – as well as its’ continued planning for future zones – partial hospital and day treatment programs look “different” than they did five years ago.

With that in mind, the Association is asking for your time and attention to the attached questionnaire. The information you provide in completing this survey will be used to further inform discussions with the Department of Education and Public Welfare. Your information will be kept confidential and used only in aggregate form and without identifiers. Thank you for your assistance in this process! The survey is accessible from the link as a PDF file. It is also available in Microsoft Word format by contacting Kris Ericson at the Association. Surveys should be returned to PCPA by September 26, marked to the attention of Kris Ericson. Return instructions are included at the end of the questionnaire. Additional questions can also be directed to Ms. Ericson.

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