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Child Providers Needed for Pediatric Mental Health Task Force
January 15, 2013

The Pediatric Mental Health Task Force (PMHTF) is a collaboration of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association (PPA) and the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. PCPA, as a partner in the state’s Physical Health-Behavioral Health Learning Community, is supporting the PMHTF launched to address the problem that most youth who could benefit from mental health services do not receive them. The PMHTF has two primary goals: (1) to get more children and adolescents screened for mental health problems during pediatric well visits and (2) to develop baseline standards for mental health evaluations that are conducted by the professionals to whom pediatricians make referrals.

The PMHTF is currently seeking community-based child and adolescent mental health providers in

  • Cumberland,
  • Philadelphia,
  • Butler,
  • Carbon,
  • Northumberland,
  • Washington, and
  • Fayette counties

who will accept referrals from pediatric practices participating in the study, which is anticipated to last six months. During the project providers will collaborate with pediatric practices that have agreed to have all parents attending well visits for youth ages four – 18 complete the Pediatric Symptom Checklist (PSC). Teens may fill out the self-report version of the PSC, called the PSC-Y. For all positive screens, pediatricians will provide a referral to community psychologists or mental health providers participating in the study. Providers are asked to send a copy of the final evaluation report to the pediatric practice following the evaluation. When the pediatrician receives a report back from, he or she will complete a brief checklist on the evaluation process. At no point will specific patient information be shared. Child mental health providers will charge their prevailing rates. Providers will be asked to provide a list of insurance companies with whom they participate so that this information is available to the participating pediatric practices.

Interested community child mental health providers should contact the PPA co-chair of the task force David Palmiter, PhD (palmiter@marywood.edu).

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