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Performance Data Collection for ICSI
February Conference Call Highlights

February 7, 2006

In an ongoing effort to improve planning, coordination, and collaboration for the Integrated Children’s Service Initiative (ICSI), the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) leadership conducts monthly conference calls with counties and providers. These calls supplement the work of the ICSI advisory group and the department’s regional offices.

Highlights from the February 3 call included the following reports and updates from state officials.

  • The DPW PeopleStat Office will convene a work group on March 16 to develop outcome measures for the ICSI.
  • The Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) is working with the regional field offices to monitor the initiative’s impact on provider staffing and children served by ICSI.
  • OMHSAS is developing a data collection form to be piloted in HealthChoices counties to better track ICSI provider enrollment, staffing patterns, children served, and other key indicators of system change.
  • DPW is working with more than a dozen providers who were initially enrolled by HealthChoices programs to become enrolled in the state Medical Assistance fee-for-service program. The providers are located primarily in the Southeast and Southwest regions.
  • DPW is working to resolve issues related to HealthChoices members receiving child welfare services outside their counties of residence. Current policies result in a disenrollment from HealthChoices when the placement is not for treatment purposes.
  • Concerns continue to be voiced about the lack of substance abuse services enrolled through the ICSI process.

A complete summary of the conference call will be posted on the DPW web site and can be found in the integrated children’s services initiative section of the Services for Children page.

For additional information or questions, contact Connell O'Brien.

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