RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


Planning for the Ban on Prone Restraints
June 19, 2008

The Department of Public Welfare continues to plan for the implementation of a prohibition on use of prone restraints in children's facilities. PCPA has urged the department to refine a definition of “prone restraint” and to confer with experts that provide behavior crisis management training for provider agencies. As part of the planning process, the department has asked PCPA to gather additional information from child and adolescent service providers. These questions include:

  • Can your agency fully implement the elimination of “prone restraints” within six months from the department’s announcement? (Orientation, training, revision of policy and procedures)
  • Will your agency see a need for regional trainings to assist providers in implementing this ban?
  • If trainings are needed, what would be a good time and location for these?
  • Would staff from your agency be willing and able to partner with department staff to assist in delivering this training?

Please forward responses to these questions by email to Connell O’Brien at connell@paproviders.org. Staff from the Office of Children, Youth and Families have been invited to the June 24 Children’s Committee meeting for further discussion on this initiative.

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