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Rate Methodology Task Force Provider Discussion Forum
April 11, 2014
9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Child Welfare Resource Center
403 E Winding Hill Rd
Mechanicsburg, PA  17055

The Department of Public Welfare Rate Methodology Task Force is in the final phase of developing recommendations regarding the process used by counties to purchase placement services from providers. RCPA members have been invited to join members of the Pennsylvania Council (PCCYFS) for private providers to engage in an open, collegial, and solutions-focused discussion on April 11 at the Child Welfare Resource Center.

The agenda for the day includes:

  • Key recommendations in the task force’s report to the General Assembly (due by April 30) regarding purchased placement services,
  • Updates related to the proposed review process for fiscal documentation submitted by providers to support claims for federal funding,
  • Preliminary plans for the task force’s next efforts focused on non-placement services, and
  • Solicitation of feedback and additional suggestions from the broader provider community.

PCCYFS staff will facilitate the discussion to support an open exchange of ideas and assist with any follow-up/next steps developed as part of the discussion. Materials, including a PowerPoint, will be the same information used in similar discussion forums with county children and youth and juvenile probation leadership.

This invitation is being extended to PCCYFS, RCPA members, and non-member agencies in an effort to be as inclusionary as possible. A final agenda will be circulated when available.

Meeting Registration
To participate in this discussion include:

  • Complete the registration form as soon as possible, including suggestions for additional agenda items,
  • Forward registration form and payment ($25 per person) to cover costs of lunch and materials, and
  • Come prepared to engage in discussions, network, and advance the value of the private provider community in Pennsylvania.

WebEx connections are being explored, although input from call-in participants will need to be limited, due to use of the chat box format.

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