RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


Children’s Behavioral Health Draft Report Released for Comment
November 28, 2006

The Department of Public Welfare has announced that Reaching for the Stars is available at www.dpw.state.pa.us/General/AboutDPW/SecretaryPublicWelfare/CBHT. Comments will be received until December 11 at ra-CBHTFComments@state.pa.us. Reaching for the Stars is based on the work of the Children’s Behavioral Health Task Force and numerous other state and national reports and recommendations for improving services to children and families. This report reflects the vision and promise of an effective system of prevention, early intervention, and treatment services and supports for children and families across Pennsylvania. It also includes several previous reports and recommendations for the children’s behavioral health system. Authored and compiled by Regina Erickson, task force chair, this thought-provoking work offer families, providers, and policy makers the opportunity to react, discuss, and advocate for services and supports in the behavioral health system. For additional information or questions, contact Connell O'Brien.

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