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STAP Problems and Service Impact
June 1, 2012

PCPA has been contacted by numerous members experiencing significant problems implementing Summer Therapeutic Activity Programs (STAP). In an effort to gauge the current and potential reduction in programs and services as well as reasons for reductions, PCPA is asking members who have operated STAP to provide critical information before the June 13 Children’s Committee meeting. If you are (or were) a STAP provider, please cut and paste the following questions into an email message to Connell O’Brien (connell@paproviders.org) along with your responses. Note “STAP Info” in the subject line, please

Agency Name __________________  Contact Person/email __________________

Service Capacity
Has your organization reduced or discontinued STAP services for 2012? Yes__ No__

How many consumers did your STAP serve in2011? _______

How many consumers does your STAP expect to serve in 2012? _______

Implementation Problems
Do you currently have an OMHSAS/OMAP approved program description/rate? Yes__ No__

If no, are you awaiting program description approval/rate setting? Yes__ No__

Do you currently have a HealthChoices agreed upon service rate? Yes__ No__

Are services threatened or reduced by changes in MATP availability? Yes__ No__

Are consumers experiencing a reduction in MCO authorization from 2011? Yes__ No__

Is there a population (age group, diagnostic group, county, etc.) that is significantly impacted in a reduction in service availability at your agency or in your community? If yes, please indicate which populations:

Please reply to Connell O’Brien by June 12.

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