RCPA - Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association


Community Providers as SWPBS Facilitators
February 13, 2012

The Department of Education and the Pennsylvania Positive Behavior Support (PA PBS) State Leadership Team is accepting applications from community behavioral health provider organizations interested in becoming potential Cohort 2 facilitators in the PA PBS Affiliated Network. Applications for new local facilitators for PA PBS close on February 24. 

The application and an archived January 20 webinar for prospective applicants is available at www.papbs.org. PCPA members who have been engaged in providing school-based behavioral health services or who are working in partnership with a school that is implementing School Wide Positive Intervention and Support are encouraged to consider submitting their application. Questions about the application and training process can be directed to Marie Bozelli at c-mbozelli@pa.gov.

Several PCPA member organizations are current SWPBS facilitators. A meeting will be scheduled this spring for members who are current and potential SWPBS facilitators wishing to discuss experiences with training and service delivery in the community. PCPA is a member of the state Community of Practice on School Based Behavioral Health and the PA PBS Network State Leadership Team.

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